Ideas for new displays can come in many different ways. I usually have several ideas rolling around in my thoughts, waiting for the right event to develop them. Often some very good ideas come directly from our customers. They bring a fresh view and a new set of experiences that can start me thinking in a completely new direction. This collaboration can be very beneficial; our customer enjoys seeing their own idea come to life and Optrics gains a great new avenue for expressing our decorating efforts.

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The white paper flower wall is a perfect example. We have worked with the Fashion with a Passion gala benefiting Safe Harbor for several years now, providing stage backdrops and other decor directly from our inventory. This spring our event contact Renee Dunlap had a new idea in mind for her fashion show stage. She envisioned a wall completely covered in white paper flowers of all sizes and designs, uplighted to enhance the texture and create drama. White paper flowers are not a readily available item though, especially in the quantities we would need. We decided our best plan would be to swing into production, with Optrics providing the custom designed and cut elements to make the flowers and Renee supplying a group of motivated volunteers to assemble the thousands of pieces into hundreds of beautiful blooms. After several sessions of cutting, curling, creasing, and gluing, the flower wall was born in our studio.

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The debut of the wall was a huge success. Not only did it provide a lovely backdrop for the models to display this year’s fashions, it also served as an impromptu photo background for selfies and group shots after the show. The wall is perfect for other events, too. At a recent wedding reception the bride chose it to be the backdrop for her dance floor. It was so popular for selfies and group pictures that the DJ commented the dancers had to make room for the cameras!

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